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Our funder clients want to know:

How can we ensure our money achieves our impact and financial goals?

How can we add value to our ventures or grantees along their journey?

Kingfisher Advising works with venture capital & impact investors, foundations, strategic & corporate investors, and family offices to bring vision and rigor to the investment or grantmaking process.

We work across impact-related verticals with extensive experience in digital health and healthcare delivery, including women's and reproductive health. In addition to the offerings below, funders may also be interested in the support we can provide to their ventures or to their grantees

Investment, impact & ESG strategy

We co-design strategies for investment or grantmaking that incorporate measurable impact, equity considerations, financial return, and ESG reporting requirements.

Impact measurement & management

We support both funders and fund recipients to ensure appropriate measurement of impact, actionable analytics, and to close the circle between strategy, execution, and evaluation. 

Investment &


We support assessment of potential investments or grant recipients based on impact criteria and product or program analysis. We build economic models that blend impact and financial returns.


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