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For startups

Our startup clients want to know:

How can we ensure our solution effectively meets user needs?

 How can we tell this story to potential investors or partner-clients?

Kingfisher Advising has deep expertise in product innovation and strategy, informed by in-depth health systems development, advising, and implementation work. The firm has extensive experience in digital health and women's health. 

Product guidance

We offer product advising and can serve as interim Head of Product for early stage companies as they work towards their MVP or continue in their journey to product-market fit. 

Health economics

We create dynamic economic models that quantify product impact in terms of cost-effectiveness and cost savings in order to inform product strategy, support fundraising, and successfully sell into payors/insurers.


We support growing startups to advance existing team members into new management roles and to take on increased supervision and product/project management responsibilities.


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