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For nonprofits

Our nonprofit clients want to know:

How can we ensure our work is creating meaningful change in the world?

How can we tell this story to ourselves, our beneficiaries, and potential funders?

Kingfisher Advising has over fifteen years of experience in the nonprofit and public sector, working with national and international nonprofits to improve and refine their work, with specific expertise in health and health equity. 


We work with senior leadership to develop strategies for program work, including developing new program offerings, trainings, and technical assistance packages.

Program design

We partner with clients to create new or updated logic models and theories of change, service offerings, and key performance indicators, and support implementation of new or revised programs.


We perform impact evaluation and social return on investment analysis, as well as ongoing  measurement through actionable analytics. We help close the circle between evaluation and strategy.


Find out how we can support your work.

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